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Rally 2002
Melbourne Australia
3-7 July

The Rally is now over and planning has commenced for the 2004 Rally which will be held in Ireland where it is intended we will travel a little wider afield than for past rallies.

This page carries a record of the 2002 Australian Rally.

The letter below came from the Clan Chief inviting Clan members to Australia.

Dear Kinsfolk,

This year finds our Clan Gathering as far away as it is possible to get from our ancestral home at Redwood Castle, Co. Tipperary. Australia is a place where many of our forebears spoke of in dread as a place to which their friends and relatives were sent - never to return. Nowadays, our young people find that Australia is a great country to work in or simply visit.

They all have nothing but good to say about its people and its weather.

Many who will attend the Clan Gathering will be from the southern hemisphere - far from us geographically but very close to us in spirit. Those from overseas will undoubtedly find the adventure of visiting a new and exciting country, meeting kinsfolk from all over the world and enjoying the hospitality laid on for us all in Melbourne and its surrounds to be a memorable occasion which will never be forgotten.

If you can, mortgage the house or sell the car and come !

Kindest regards,
Michael JS Egan

26 January 2002

We hope that those who attended the Rally realise that Australia is closer than you think - we welcome you back at any time.

Greg & Sue Egan July 2002

Current time & temperature in Melbourne, Australia:


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